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Release 02 September 2022 – Week 35


  • SNG-4505 Multi Lingual Report Links
  • SNG-4469 Account Settings: Change textfield Legal Entity to dropdown + More Admin Updates
  • SNG-4346 [Frontend] Support IDP and Request Signing for SSO
  • SNG-4321 Implement generic Notification Service


  • SNG-4510 SlotIds in Report are not being used
  • SNG-4509 Report Filter: Filter conditions’ labels should be changed
  • SNG-4504 Report Builder: Tables: Condition: Save button shouldn’t be disabled in modal / Check New Operators Calculated Results are correct
  • SNG-4503 Runtime: Thousand separator in en-us language does not work right
  • SNG-4502 Report Builder: Issues in report converted from Basic to Prod 2
  • SNG-4490 Pro Report: Tables: If change order of the column in the table, then column order should also be changed in Data source
  • SNG-4487 Pro report: Pivot tables: Issue if enable/disable setting for Column in Column Group 2
  • SNG-4478 Report Builder: Dynamic Filter: Default Value drop-down should be the same type as selected in Filter Type
  • SNG-4335 Report Layout: Login Page issues
Updated on October 17, 2023
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