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Release 05 August 2022 – Week 31


  • SNG-4339 [Frontend] Remove Leading and Trailing spaces in filter when operator “Matches Regex” is used
  • SNG-4316 [Frontend] UPDATE SVG Export and PPTX Export of individual slots
  • SNG-4210 [Frontend] Pivot Table Builder
  • SNG-4072 Implement PowerPoint Support for Pro Reports


  • SNG-4426 Report Builder: Pivot table: Exception thrown is change column name that’s present in Column Group
  • SNG-4423 [Frontend] Column Captions in all kind of tables shall be editable with the RTF
  • SNG-4422 Report Builder: Static Filter: exception thrown if set filter to Item in rank order “is ranked”
  • SNG-4421 Report Builder: Tables: Value entered into Value format shouldn’t be truncated
  • SNG-4419 Pro report: Tables: Exception thrown “cannot read “Column Name” if extend column settings
  • SNG-4417 Pro Report: Tooltip for column header sometimes stuck on the page, sorting doesn’t work after columndatatype changed
  • SNG-4416 [Backend] Format of columns with datetime doesn’t work
  • SNG-4414 Pro Report: Pivot Table: Summary Row issues
  • SNG-4412 Report Builder: Pivot Tables: Column Group functionality issues
  • SNG-4411 Pro Report: Pivot table: Row Issues 3
  • SNG-4409 Report Builder: Pivot tables: Errors
  • SNG-4408 [Frontend] Pro Report: Pivot Table: Exception thrown “System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format.”
  • SNG-4404 [Frontend] Error by opening report with slot exports
  • SNG-4403 [Backend] PowerPoint Exports for Schenker Reports are broken
  • SNG-4402 [Frontend] Tile export doesn’t work for charts with decimals in width
  • SNG-4401 [Backend] Prevent URL Variable Export in Rawdata for Essential Users
  • SNG-4400 [Backend] Reporting: N/A not selected condition doesn’t work
  • SNG-4397 Report Builder: Pasted text is not saved when putting focus on another element in report
  • SNG-4396 Report Builder: Tables: Empty table displayed above table if enable/disable pro properties
  • SNG-4395 Report Builder:Add Additional column for summary row should be deleted, if all summary rows were deleted
  • SNG-4394 Pro Report: Pivot table: Row issues 2
  • SNG-4393 Pro Report: Pivot table: Row issues
  • SNG-4387 [Backend] Build: Value Assignment: Code (sample) and Survey Credits & Password (Panel) variables cannot be selected
  • SNG-4386 Manage Code Plan: More than 1000 variables: Additional changes
  • SNG-4381 Pro Report: Design Page: Table styling in Design Page should be the same as Online Report and Report Builder
  • SNG-4368 [Frontend] Provide green confirmation for creating tickets
  • SNG-4272 [Frontend] Create User: Error occurs when email has more than 128 characters
  • SNG-4234 [frontend] Distribute: Methods shouldn’t be requested 2 times
  • SNG-4232 [frontend] Sample: Added Variables tab issue
  • SNG-4220 [frontend] Report Builder: Tables: UI change in case if drag and drop variable to the table
  • SNG-4132 [Frontend] Upload json check box on New catalog window should be removed (Account admin)
  • SNG-4052 [Frontend] Distribution: Placeholder does not work in message in distributor context: {{survey(id).interview_link}}
Updated on October 17, 2023

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