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Release 06 May 2022 – Week 18


  • SNG-4074 Report Refactoring: Segmented Excel Report – Mean should be decimal not whole number
  • SNG-4071 [Backend] implement explicit modelling of null vs zero
  • SNG-4068 HideIfNoData Doesn’t work
  • SNG-4067 Report Refactoring: Segmented Report: response statistics (n/a, missings, responses) should be displayed for all segments
  • SNG-4066 [Frontend]: Report: User should be able to open Public Report link when Data Access Control set to Public
  • SNG-4062 Validation Message “Minimum numbers of interviews” doesn’t appear
  • SNG-4060 Scheduled Reminders are allowed only 90 days in the future
  • SNG-4058 [Frontend] Add support for Map Entries mapping
  • SNG-4056 Extend VA: sync dropdowns as you can sync single choice
  • SNG-4042 [backend] Report Refactoring: No Responses given: In Mean missed 0 value
  • SNG-4037 [backend] Upload New Image in Message Context fails
  • SNG-4034 Report Refactoring: Semi-open Choices: Issues
  • SNG-4031 Report Refactoring: Matrix/Semantic Differential: Horizontal scrolling should be added to tables
  • SNG-3998 [Backend] Account Management: New users cannot be added to new subscriptions before licence start
  • SNG-3989 Admin: Report layout list: UI issues part 3
  • SNG-3978 Basic reports: Online report: General issues
  • SNG-3950 [backend] Excel Segmented Report: % of multiple response question
Updated on October 17, 2023

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