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Release 1 July 2022 – Week 26


  • SNG-4249 Create Service Methods to Commission and Decommission a Cube


  • SNG-4271 MFA Login: User not able to login
  • SNG-4268 [Frontend] matrix css styles are changed
  • SNG-4263 [Backend] normal Answers PDF contains hidden questions
  • SNG-4256 Runtime: It is impossible to add negatives values to countInterviews() function
  • SNG-4255 Dashboard Layout Save issue with User on Prod
  • SNG-4254 [Backend] Processing the cube crashs
  • SNG-4252 [Frontend] Runtime: Date format is wrong for data type Date in countInterviews() function
  • SNG-4248 Runtime: countInterviews() function does not count url variables
  • SNG-4244 Maintenance page: Text Blocks are missing, url address shouldn’t be changed
  • SNG-4243 Distibute: Anonymous link is not displayed, exception is thrown
  • SNG-4242 Report Builder: Design Page: Styling should be removed from Side Bar
  • SNG-4239 Report Builder: Tables: Value Format setting shouldn’t be displayed for number variable with meta data
  • SNG-4236 [Frontend] Error Handling: 403 Forbidden does not immediately redirects to login page
  • SNG-4231 [Frontend] Admin: Build:Cursor regularly (not always) jumps to different position when editing text in textbox.
  • SNG-4230 [Frontend] Build: Copying texts from e.g. MS Word into text fields does not clean formattings and code
  • SNG-4218 [Frontend] Admin: Report Layout: Pie charts are squeezed when Layout is open
  • SNG-4217 [Frontend] Error Handling: 504 Gateway Timeout does not redirect to maintenance page
  • SNG-4205 [Frontend] Distribute:Recipients: There is an issue with 1000+ members in recipients step
  • SNG-4165 Report Builder: Page Width option selected on Create page should be applied on Design page
  • SNG-4161 [Frontend] Report Builder: Gauge Chart should be responsive, be visible in all available space
  • SNG-4036 [Backend] Report Refactoring: Issues 2
Updated on October 17, 2023

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