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Release 13 May 2022 – Week 19


  • SNG-4078 Upgrade GrapesJS to latest version


  • SNG-4089 [Backend] Date is displayed in American date format upon receiving email invitation
  • SNG-4080 Report Layout doesn’t show pie chart and throws js error
  • SNG-4079 Survey ZIP Bundle Export doesn’t work anymore
  • SNG-4076 [backend] Member Import: Sample: Shouldn’t be possible to import the same code
  • SNG-4023 Frontend: Prod: Survey Layout Body disappeared
  • SNG-3992 Admin: Report layout list: UI issues part 5
  • SNG-3891 Admin: Report layout page: UI issues part 2
  • SNG-3449 Report Wizard: Filter condition gives wrong result of interviews

Updated on October 17, 2023
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