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How to add a new Workspace?

To add a new Workspace to your account, open the account information page:

Navigation Option to Account Information

Here you’ll find all account options. Workspaces, as the name suggests, are folders where your users can add new surveys and conduct studies. Workspace management enables you to set permissions, so that not every user can open up every workspace.

Account Information

Within every workspace group you can find a list of workspaces. It’s simple to create a workspace, by just clicking on the highlighted button.

Adding a new Workspace

New Workspace form
1. Workspace Name

You will need to set a name. This will be seen by all users who have access to more than one workspace.

2. Level of Anonymization

The level of anonymisation defnes how the surveys will act in terms of data collection. In other words, it defines what will be saved / exportable for all surveys within the workspace.

Personalised Usage

Personalised usage puts all information into the export files. No data is excluded by default. Only the IP-Adress, the User Agent and the Referer can be excluded.

Anonymised Usage

In case of anonymised usage, more information can be excluded. The list contains all identifying panel information, which bascially creates an anonymised export.

Extended Anonymised Usage

Extended anonymised usage adds more security to your anonymisation. In addtion to anonymised usage, extended anonymisation only exports information after at least 8 interviews are collected. The panel data is excluded from the survey export by default. So by using this option it’s not possible to find out who completed the survey – it is absolutely anonymous.

Note: If you ask for personal information in your survey, that data gets exported and is therefore not anonymous.

3. Exclude from exports and reports

This option enables you to check which information should be excluded from exports. Anonymised usage has the longest list for these options.

Updated on August 26, 2019

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