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Additional distribution options for Panels

Note: for these additional options you need the panel add-on (community extension).

A panel, much like a sample, let’s you distribute your survey to a list of respondents. However, there are key differences that make panel-distribution a different thing altogether.

Respondents in a panel are effectively members. Interviewees sign up for a profile, and log in to their account before they access the survey you send them. This opens up a world of possibilities for distribution specifically. On this page you will read about how a panel can provide you with additional distribution options.

Quota management

For more detailed instructions on how to set quota in your distribution please go to this page.

Within one panel you are able to define the size of different target groups using quota cells. Data that are often used for such a target group (quota cell) definition are, for example: Age and Gender.

A simplified setup would be as follows: say your panel has 100 members. You want to use quota management to interview 40 members from your panel, and you want to receive responses from 4 even target groups that are segmented based on age and gender:

  • Younger females (18-45)
  • Younger males (18-45)
  • Older females (45-65)
  • Older males (45-65)

This means the target size of your project is 40. Each quota cell will get 10 responses (25%). You set the filters for each quota cell the same way any other filter works in the tool. An example for quota cell 1:

Once a quota cell has received enough responses other respondents will receive a screenout. This behaviour is called quotafull. You are able to set different trigger conditions for this quotafull Simplified: when one cell is full, when all cells are full, or no screenout at all. Please see the quota management page for more information.

Randomized subset sendout

Say you want to distribute your survey to recipients that are chosen at random. You can do this in a panel by checking the “limit number of invitations” checkbox. If checked, you will be asked to specify what the limited number should be (in the example only one recipient is chosen). The recipient(s) will then be chosen at random,thus resulting in a randomized subset of your panel members.

This selection is based on the available members using the defined filter. Please note: in if this distribution is part of an existing sampling project, the randomly selected respondents can only be selected if they have not participated yet.

Selecting individual member for sendout

In your panel settings under members you have the option to invite individual members to participate in a survey. Note that this function only appears if the panel has been distributed within at least one survey. Else it will not show. If it has been distributed a paper plane icon (see green arrow) appears next to every member of the panel.

Clicking on the paper plane icon will open the invite single member wizard. When opening the dropdown menu you will see the current workspace in which there are available surveys to invite this respondent to (1). Note: for admins a second option is visible (2) if the respondent is part of a panel that is shared with another workspace. You are then able to invite this member for that survey aswell.

Member filtering options: sampling history

In the Filters & Quotas section panels have an additional filtering option. When opening the Filter sample/panel by criteria section you see an additional variable group specifically for panels called member invitations and activity.

From the dropdown menu you can choose from a variety of filtering options:

  • Member did not get invited to any survey since the following date
    Enables you to invite panel members who received no invitation from a specific date onward
  • Member did get invited to the following surve(s)
    Enables you to invite panel members who got invited to specific surveys
  • Member dd not get invited to the following survey(s)
    Enables you to invite panel members who did not get invited to specific surveys
  • Member did complete the following survey(s)
    Enables you to invite panel members who completed specific surveys
  • Member did not complete the following survey(s)
    Enables you to invite panel members who did not complete specific surveys
Updated on January 4, 2024
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