AI Interview Quality Control

Note: This feature is available for users with a professional analytics license and requires universal credits.

Survalyzer has devised 4 quality indicators to identify interviews of Bad quality. If an interview completely meets the standard for one of these indicators it gets a score of 100% for that part (note: some indicators can have a score that is less than 100%. This still means it will be used in the eventual categorization). To ultimately determine if an interview is actually bad, Survalyzer has devised a set of 4 quality control Rules that are leading in the final categorization.

The 4 quality indicators are:

  • Trap condition
  • Speeder
  • Straight liner
  • Bad open end

The 4 quality control rules are:

  • Speeder rule
  • 1-out-of-2 rule
  • 240% rule
  • Double trap rule

Quality indicators

Trap condition


Straight liner

Bad open end

Quality control rules

The coherence between the 4 quality indicators is key to determining the interview quality. To successfully assess the quality, Survalyzer has determined 4 rules for quality control.

  • Speeder rule
    The speeder rule is used if no other requirements are met for quality control. It is a powerful way to flag bad quality interviews. If an interview scores 100% on the speeder indicator it will be categorized as Bad Quality.
  • 2 out of 4 rule
    In line with industry standards Survalyzer holds to 2-out-of-4 rule. An interview will be flagged as Bad Quality if two out of four quality indicators get a 100% score.
  • 240% rule
    If none of the indicators has a score of 100% but the sum of all indicators is 240% or higher the interview will be flagged as Bad Quality.
  • Double trap rule
    When an interview falls into at least two trap conditions it will be flagged as Bad Quality.
Updated on January 4, 2024
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