This chapter describes the procedure used to maintain the messages in Survalyzer NG. After you have launched the Messages menu from the Library, a screen appears listing the following data:

  • the message templates used in Survalyzer, and
  • the messages created by users in your company (if present).

These messages can, for instance, be used to invite participants to fill out a survey. In step 2 of the invitation process (i.e. Message) you have to select the message to be sent to the previously selected participants, see the Choose e-mail message screen below.

Note: All messages can be edited, copied and deleted.

Create new message

In order to add a new message, you must carry out the following steps in successive order:

  • Click the CREATE NEW MESSAGE button to open a pop-up window which allows you to enter a name (i.e. a unique name under which the message data are stored) and select a message layout, which must have been defined before in the Message layouts menu under the Library tab.
  • Click the Create button to display a screen based on the entered selection criteria.
  • Click any of the icons (1) to determine the preview mode: desktop screen preview, tablet screen preview or mobile display preview.
  • Click into the text box (2) to edit the text of the message. This is the text initially included in the selected message layout. You do not have to save the edited text. This will be done automatically.
    Note that the Message name and Message layout fields are automatically filled with the values you have provided on the previous pop-up window.
  • Enter the user name of the e-mail address in the 1st part of the Sender e-mail address field. This user name is shown to the participants as sender of the message. Do not include the @ symbol!
  • Select the domain name in the 2nd part of the Sender e-mail address field (3). Every e-mail address has two parts: a user name (before @) and a domain name (after @).
    PS: If you want to send out e-mails in the name of your company by using your company e-mail address, you are advised to cunsult the information in the Email – Setting up your own email sender domain topic.
  • Enter a name in the Sender name field, which is placed in front of the specified sender e-mail address.
  • Enter a subject for the message, which the participants will see upon opening their e-mail program.
  • Check the Add reply to e-mail box to indicate that the e-mail address used for collecting e-mail responses differs from the one used for sending the survey link.
    When checkmarked, you have to supply an appropriate e-mail address in the field which appears below.

Updated on April 12, 2021

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