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Browser support of Survalyzer

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome
  • IE Edge (with Chromium Engine)
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Andriod and IOS Browsers

For all browsers the 3 latest versions are supported.

My browser has an older version, does it work anyway?

In most of the cases the answer is yes. Supported browsers for Survalyzer means, that these Browsers are tested and compatibility issues are fixes within the next 3 service releases. Unsupported browsers may work but compatibility issues have no priority to get fixed. Another aspect is that Survalyzer relies on 3rd party libraries. These 3rd companies maintain their own list of of supported browsers which we as Survalyzer can’t influence. For this sake we have several constraints for our own browser support.

We are still using Internet Explorer 11, how long does Survalyzer support it?

The support for IE 11 and IE Edge using the EdgeHtml engine drops by 01.01.2022. After that date you’ll get the unsupported browser page if you try to access Survalyzer using Internet Explorer.

Why is the support for IE 11 dropped?

The Internet Explorer Browser Engine is outdated, slow, has a lot of incompatibilities and security flaws. For that sake Microsoft came to the conclusion that investing in an own browser engine is pointless.

For Survalyzer two main aspects were important for the decision to drop the IE support:

  1. Security – Nobody wants insecure software. We as Survalyzer commit us to high security standards since we carry sensitive data for our clients. IE 11 has currently 1’174 security vulnerabilities which are documented here. We simply can’t ignore the potential threats for our customers.
  2. Compatibility – We can’t use modern libraries with an outdated browser. Our core Framework Angular as well as Bootstrap and DevExtreme all dropped the support for IE11, because the effort to bypass all compatibility issues raised to insane levels. You can find a comprehensive list of unsupported features here.

For these reasons we join the large list of internet companies and also drop the IE 11 support.

Which options do I have since my company relies on many IE 11 applications

Microsoft is aware that a lot of large companies build their applications on the Internet Explorer ecosystem, since it was preinstalled on the operating system. For that sake the new versions of Internet Explorer Edge support the the IE 11 backward compatibility mode. For more details please review this article. With this in mind, there is no rational reason not upgrading to IE Edge which will remain supported for Survalyzer.

Which version of IE Edge is supported?

Microsoft started with IE Edge using the old IE11 Engine and renamed it to EdgeHtml Engine. This Engine has more or less the same problems like IE11 and is therefore also not supported from 01.01.2022 on. The first supported version is Version 79 which is using the Chromium Engine.

Updated on August 3, 2022
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