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Build Page: How to use it?

The build page has its own functions and uses. Some of these are explained on this page. Others topics are linked on this page.

Adding elements to your survey

To add elements to a survey, you can either simply click on the element (the element will be placed at the end of the survey) or you can drag it to the desired position in your survey and drop it there.

The video above shows both actions.

Collapse / Expand Items

As shown, you are able to collapse survey items to hide the question preview. By doing this, the element list becomes much shorter and easier to sort.

Collapse / Expand Sections

Collapsing sections is useful when you have several sections in your survey, as it’s then easier to scroll down the build page.

When more than one section exists in a survey only the first section will be expanded – all other sections will be collapsed for easier management.

Move elements and sections

As shown, it’s easier to sort your elements if they are collapsed and the preview is hidden. To sort and move your survey elements you can either use the arrows, or move them using drag & drop.

Copy or Delete Elements

The copy and delete icons can be found on all elements.

This button will delete the selected element after a confirmed warning. When an element is deleted, you cannot undo this.

Note: If you deleted an element by mistake and want to restore it (for example, a section with a number of elements) you should send us an email. We will try to restore it as soon as possible.

A copied element is a full duplicate of the original element. It also includes all filters.

Word export

As the text suggests, this button creates a Word version of the build page. All filters will be described, in addition to a code plan (variable list) containing all possible values of that variable.

Opening preview

By clicking the eye icon, a new tab opens up, containing the preview of your survey.

Note: The preview doesn’t save data. It always starts on the first page and it behaves like the live version of the survey.

The preview has a top menu bar containing two functions. With the language selector, you can change the language of your survey within the preview. The ‘X’ enables you to close the preview when you are done.

Note: To view the latest changes, just refresh the page. By refreshing the page you’ll start on the first page again.

Activate / Revise / Publish / Close Survey

The button in the upper right corner enables you to do several, similar tasks. Each task is as follows:

By activating, you can start going live with your survey.

Note: An un-activated survey limits analysis to no more than 5 datasets and no more than 20 invitations. This is why it´s necessary to activate a survey before going live and inviting participants.

An active survey is not editable. You have to set it to "revise survey" first.

The revise survey button is in the same place where the activation button was.

Note: When a survey is set to revise, the old survey version is still running, so participants can still access the old version of the survey. All participants will only be able to complete the survey in the version which they started.

When the status is "Revise", the button changes to "Publish Survey" and you will be able to modify your survey.

When you are finished editing the survey (only in "revise" mode), you can publish your changes. Participants who start filling in the survey after your changes are published will see the new version, which includes your changes.

Note: When the survey is in "revise" mode you will be able to test it by opening the preview.

As this warning shows, closing a survey will stop the collection of new datasets. This is important when you no longer want your participants to access the survey.

Edit Thank-You-Page

By clicking on the framed “Thank you…” text, you will open the editing text area for the thank you page. There you’ll be able to edit it and open the RTE (rich text editor).

In order to allow a survey participant to retrieve his/her answers at the end of the survey, a link for downloading a PDF can be created on this page.

Updated on February 9, 2021

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