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Create new message

To add a new message, perform the following steps in successive order from the Messages screen:

  • Click the green CREATE NEW MESSAGE button for a pop-up window to appear on which you must define a name and a message layout (see image below). The unique name is used to register the message data; the selected message layout must have been previously defined in the Message layouts menu under the Library tab.
  • Click the Create button after you have selected the default language for a screen to be displayed based on the entered selection criteria.
  • Click one of the icons (1) to set the preview mode: Desktop screen preview, Tablet screen preview or Mobile display preview.
  • Click twice in a row in a text box (2) to launch the Rich Text Editor which allows you to edit the text of the message. This is the text included in the selected message layout. You can save the modified text in the Rich Text Editor window.
    You will have observed that the Message name (3) and Message layout fields are automatically filled with the values you have specified in the previous pop-up window. If appropriate, you can still change the name of the message here.
  • Enter the user name of the e-mail address in the 1st part of the Sender e-mail address field (4). This user name is shown to the participants as the sender of the message. Do not include the @ symbol in the description!
  • Select the domain name in the 2nd part of the Sender e-mail address field (5). Each e-mail address consists of two parts: a user name (before @) and a domain name (after @).
    NB: If you wish to send emails on behalf of your organisation by using your organisation’s email address, we recommend you to refer to the information in the Email – Setting up your own email sender domain topic.
  • Enter a name in the Sender name field (6) which will be positioned in front of the specified sender e-mail address.
  • Enter a subject for the message (7) which will be seen by the participants when they start their e-mail application.
  • Check the box next to Add reply to e-mail (8) to indicate that the e-mail address used to collect answers is different from the one used to send the survey link.
    If checked, you must provide a matching email address in the field below (Reply e-mail address).
  • Click the Add language button (9) if you want to draft the message in another language. You can then select the desired language using a drop-down button. Once you have selected this language (e.g. German), you can translate the message. To do this, you must click the Translate message button.
  • Translate the subject and the text of the message (the text above the start button, the text of the start button and the text below the start button). The text of the message can be translated and saved using the Rich Text Editor.
  • Fill the Test e-mail field with a valid e-mail address and click the Send button (10), if you want to test the e-mail distribution of this message.

By default, the new message will be placed at the top of the overview containing all messages. The Changed column indicates the date on which this message has been created.

Updated on August 3, 2022
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