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Panel: Delete members

In order to remove one or more members including accompanying survey data from a panel, you can adhere to one of the following procedures:

Remove panel members one by one

You will use this procedure, for example, if you want to remove only one or two panel members from a small panel.

  • Open the panel from which you want to delete one member.
  • Click the Delete icon (circled in red) to the right of the panel member to be deleted. A pop-up window will then appear asking you to confirm the deletion action.
  • Click the green Yes button in this window to permanently delete the specified panel member. This action will then be performed immediately.

Remove several panel members in a single operation

You will use this procedure, for example, if you want to remove several panel members from a large panel in one go using an import procedure.

  • Open the panel from which you want to delete more members in one go.
  • Click the Download members to Excel button. An Excel file is generated which includes all panel members present in the panel. This file is placed at the bottom left of your screen.
  • Open this Excel file.
  • Click the Enable Editing button in the yellow bar at the top of the window.
  • Include the _will_be_deleted_ column after the last column in this Excel file. While doing so, do not forget the 4 underscores in the column header.
  • Enter the value 1 in the _will_be_deleted_ column for those panel members you want to remove from the panel.
  • Save the adjusted Excel file under a different name on your computer.
  • Close this Excel file.
  • Click the Import or update members from Excel button now in order to display the Select file screen.
  • Click in the grey box (1) to select the modified Excel file from your PC. After selection, the name of this file to be imported will be displayed to the right of the grey box (2).
  • Click the green Next button at the bottom of this screen to go to the Review screen.
  • Click the green Finish button in this screen to return to the panel screen. The import process is initiated; this may require some time. Finally, if all works well, you will see a screen similar to the one below:

The panel members for whom the value 1 has been inserted in the _will_be_deleted_ column, will have been removed from the panel. The number of deleted members is indicated under the heading Last import result, e.g. 2 member(s) deleted.

Note: If you delete a panel member from a panel, you also remove any interview/survey data from this panel member. This data can then no longer be used for analysis purposes. 

Remove Opt-outs from Panel

Panel members that are on your opt-out list can easily be removed from your panel by selecting the ‘Remove opt-outs from panel’ button:

Note: Use this option if you want to clean your panel but want to maintain interview/survey data.

Updated on March 29, 2023
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