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What does the Survey Status mean?

Depending on your survey settings, different statuses can be assigned to a survey for each respondent. The survey status changes, after a certain action is being carried out.

The figure above shows that 246 respondents were invited for the corresponding survey. Of these 246 participants,

  • 54 respondents did not answer the survey; they did not open the survey link sent to them (i.e. a non launched survey) > status Not responded.
  • 19 respondents did open the survey link and may have started the survey, but have not (yet) completed it > status In progress.
  • 153 respondents completed the survey > status Completed. This status is reached, when the respondent has finished the survey or when he/she is redirected to a URL to be specified or to the thank you page (the end of the survey) using a URL forwarding element AND his/her survey has been allocated the Completed status.
  • 10 respondents received a screenout for a certain question, because they probably do not belong to the desired target group. These respondents are redirected to a specified URL, e.g. https://www.survalyzer.com, or to the thank-you page > status Screenout. This status can also be set using the quota settings when adding a new sample, a third party sample.
  • 10 respondents did not complete the survey because quotas have been set for certain questions that filter out the respondents concerned. For example, if a respondent selects an answer option for a question more than 10 times, and there is a quota of 10 for this answer option, then this respondent’s survey will be assigned the Quotafull status. For more information, see under Re-directs in the Add new third party sample topic.
Updated on December 13, 2022
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