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Distribute Survey: Overview (Survalyzer Classic)

The information on this page will soon be updated for Survalyzer NG. For questions about distributing surveys, please contact our support department.

distribute survey overview

On this page we include an overview of the interface to distribute your survey.

1. Anonymous survey link
distribute survey list

These links open your survey and are accessible to everyone. Depending on your settings, you open the survey in a new tab by clicking on it. This link should be used if is to be published and distributed via a website. For each language, a link is shown (even if they only differ in the actual language code).

When you are using token authentication, this link will open up the “Please enter your token” page.

By clicking the pen icon, you are able to change the survey hash to something more specific than a random hash. You can use any text you wish, but you will need to set the link for each individual language.

anonymous links

Note: The custom survey hash can only be used once within your account. If you try to change it to an existing hash, an error message will be shown.

2. Distribution List

When you have created at least one distributor for your survey, you can see this list, which enables you to view a response statistic for this distributor. When you select a row, the detailed response statistic will appear on the right hand side (as explained in 3).

3. Response Statistic of Distributor

As soon as one row is selected in the distribution list, the response statistic of that distributor will appear on this part of the interface. Here you’ll find different statistics and information, depending on the distributor type:

Here you will find the recipients of your distributor. If you sent it to manually added email addresses or cellphone numbers, these will be listed. If you sent it to a Panel, the name of the Panel will be shown. If a filter was used, that filter will also be shown.

Response statistics will show the number of invited persons, split into different statuses. A description of each status can be found in "Statuses in Survalyzer". The statistic is shown as absolute and relative numbers.

Here you can download the link list. This list enables you to see each respondent and their status. You can also open the personal survey link of your respondents - particularly useful if one of your respondents has problems with the survey.

The Bounce statistic gives you the exact number of invitations which were not received. The email addresses where the bounces occured can be downloaded in an Excel file containing the Panel member id, the email address, the reason and the error code. There are two different types of bounces, and one status for emails that could not be sent:

Hard Bounces

When the receiving mail server reports that the email address does not exist or the account was disabled (e.g. because of a typo) and the message cannot be delivered, Survalyzer counts this as a “Hard Bounce”.

Soft Bounces

Soft Bounces are temporarily undeliverable emails (e.g. a full mailbox). The soft bounce reason is always delivered by the receiving mail server.

Not delivered messages

"Not delivered messages" are messages that could not be sent because the email address itself contains characters that are not allowed in an email address.

For more Information about Hard and Soft Bounces, please see the following pages:

This creates a reminder for your email invitation.

4. Add Distributor

To add a distributor, you can hover over this button. Depending on your licence, you will see two or three options:

This will create an email distributor, where you can invite a whole Panel or manually added email addresses.

The link list distributor creates personal links for all participants of a chosen panel, which can then be used to distribute your survey. The link list is downloadable as an Excel file. It´s not possible to filter a panel to create a link list for only a portion of the original panel.

This will create an SMS distributor. Basically, this is the same as an email distributor but it sends out an SMS. You have to buy SMS before you can use this feature and you need sufficient SMS credit to send them out.

Updated on March 19, 2021

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