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Include image URL in custom member variable

A custom member variable (e.g. Image) in a sample can be used to include an image URL for each sample member (survey participant). This can be a logo, for example. A placeholder, e.g. {{member.Image}}, can then be included in a question element at the start of a survey. When the participant is filling out this survey, the corresponding image will then be inserted at the position of this placeholder.

To perform this procedure, you first have to define this image URL for the corresponding custom member variable in the sample (see image above).

Then you must click on the Rich text editor to access the RTE window. In this window, you need to click on the position at which you want the image to be inserted.

After this, you can click the Upload Manager icon to activate the Files and media window.

This window enables you to select any image from the Images subdirectory of your workspace. The reason that can be adduced is that you can partially reuse the html code of this image for the image to be included in the survey.

After having selected the image, you will return to the RTE window. You will notice an image from which you can reuse part of the img src attribute code for your image URL. For this purpose, you must click the Code View icon.

You can now delete the highlighted https part enclosed in double inverted commas. It must be replaced by the placeholder from your sample, e.g. {{member.Image}}.

Note: the class attribute must be left intact.

Once you have done this, you can click the Save changes button. You can now activate the survey to test the result. If everything goes well and you have sent the survey to the appropriate participant, he/she will see the image specified in the custom member variable of the sample.

Updated on August 4, 2022
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