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Sign-Up: How to confirm an email address?

The above diagram shows the process of confirming an email address. The sign-up survey initially asks for an email address. Then the survey can send out an email to the respondent using “Send email”.

For this to work, we need a personal interview link in that email, to connect the newly created Panel member to the profile survey. To do this, we use the placeholder {{survey(SurveyID).interview_link}}. The SurveyID just needs to be replaced with the ID of the target profile survey.

The profile survey can then set a variable using Value Assignment. We can then set this Panel member’s email address as confirmed. This is the simplest way to confirm an email address.

Alternative Sign-Up Confirmation

An alternative method is to have an additional survey, sitting between your sign-up survey and your profile survey. This additional survey is also a profile survey. The first email invites a respondent to the additional profile survey, which then authenticates the email address. In other words, it sets a value for the Panel member and again sends out an email containing the personal link for the real profile survey. This only gets sent out if the respondent confirms their email address.

Updated on June 27, 2022

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