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Deliverability of e-mails

The deliverability of e-mail is mainly dependent of two factors:

  1. Quality of e-mail content
  2. Quality of address lists

With Survalyzer NG customers get responsive mail templates which follow best practices and implement GDPR requirements. With this step Survalyzer takes over the responsibility to provide solid templates which are tested and hardened. This will help you reduce the content spam to a great extent.

The quality of address lists is still problematic. Since customers are allowed to upload address lists via Excel, Survalyzer doesn’t know the validity of the addresses. For a long time bounce rates of 10% and more were accepted by the E-Mail Service Providers (ESPs). Today ESPs are seeking for quality and punish mail servers regarded as spam distributors with temporary delivery suspension, in case of repeated issues with permanent blocks.

Requirements for e-mail distributions

This changed situation requires Survalyzer to introduce new measures for the sake of protecting customers following best practices. If the Survalyzer mail server is suspended or blocked, this affects all customers hosted in the data center. Inline with the Certified Senders Alliance, a customer needs to meet the following requirements:

  1. The average hard bounce rate must not exceed 2 percent
  2. The spam click rate must not exceed 2 per 4 weeks
  3. Custom domains need to have a valid SPF and DKIM in place
  4. E-mails must have an opt-out option (GDPR-requirement)
  5. Members must be removed from panels which bounced once (Soft or Hard)

The third and fourth requirement are already being enforced by Survalyzer NG. As regards the fifth requirement, Survalyzer will offer a sound solution in the future, but currently it requires manual efforts. For the first and second requirement customers generally have two options:

  1. Being sure to meet these criteria and clean the panels yourself
  2. Using Survalyzer’s new possibility to check panels and samples for validity

Support to meet the requirements

Survalyzer wants to support customers in the best possible way. Therefore, we established a cooperation with Validity, the market leader for panel cleaning. In cooperation with Validity, Survalyzer provides a full service to clean panels. You simply have to send to us the panel name and we’ll take care of it. Only e-mail addresses are sent to BriteVerify, a product of Validity; all other panel information will not be transferred. Considering the result of BriteVerify, we only delete invalid panel members which would result in hard bounces. The interviews attached to the invalid panel members, will remain available. Consequently, they will not be deleted.

BriteVerify is GDPR compliant and uses an AWS data center in Ireland within the EU. The default data retention period is 7 days. Afterwards all data is deleted automatically. On customers request, Survalyzer can speed up that process and delete the data immediately after cleaning. The cleaning will be executed within one business day after purchasing. By accepting the offer, you agree to process the data using BriteVerify.

In case you’ve used the panel cleaning, we take over the remaining risk for hard bounces. Even if the above-mentioned requirements are exceeded, you don’t need to worry about it.

Cleaned panels will not stay ‘clean’ forever. Since e-mail addresses are changed frequently, the risk for new hard bounces will rise over time. Therefore, Survalyzer requires customers to revalidate panels each 6 months or send re-permission campaigns to their unengaged subscribers asking the panel members to re-confirm their commitment by clicking a link within the received e-mail. Spam traps will not complete the re-confirmation process of panel members. Please suppress any e-mail addresses that do not re-confirm.


If you are uncertain about what you should do, please get in touch with us. We are here to help you!

Updated on July 1, 2022

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