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Answers PDF & Word/PDF report: Customising the template

Difficulty level: Difficult

Use case and how to set it up?

Themes, colors and/or styles of an answer file (PDF) or a report (Word or PDF) are based on an export template. To adopt it to you corporate identity, please follow the procedure below:

  • Select the Files and media menu under Library.
  • Open the Documents directory of the Shared folder or the folder of your workspace (1).
This image shows how to upload the export template.
  • Right-click on the InterviewExportTemplate.docx file (2) and select the Download option (3) from the pop-up window. In case of a report you can download the AnalyseExportTemplate.docx file.
    • You can download the InterviewExportTemplate.docx file at the bottom of this page (under Article Attachments), if for example it has not yet been included in your Files and media menu.
    • You can download the AnalyseExportTemplate.docx file from the location where you usually would download it as a user or participant. For example, you can download a Word report from the Analyze page (at the Activation stage) and then rename this downloaded file to AnalyseExportTemplate.docx.
  • Open this downloaded file.
  • Select the Design tab and create your desired document format. You can make a selection from all types of themes, colors, etc.
  • Select the Home tab optionally and apply the desired styles to the template text.
  • Change, if necessary, the font and font size of the template text.
  • Save the file InterviewExportTemplate.docx (answers template) or AnalyseExportTemplate.docx (report template) under another name on your computer, after you have entered all desired changes. You can, for example, also include your own logo.
  • Open the Documents directory of the Shared folder or the folder of your workspace.
  • Right-click on the Documents directory and select the Upload files option from the pop-up window.
  • Select the customized document format template saved on your computer.

When you now download a PDF file with survey questions and/or answers, you will notice that this file has been assigned the formatting attributes of the export template. When downloading a Word or PDF report, the formatting attributes of the custom report template will be applied.

For more detailed information, you can download the WordTemplateFile (at Article Attachments).

Updated on May 28, 2024

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