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Distribute third party sample: distributor

If you have created at least one distributor (distribution list) for a sampling project, this will approximately look like this:

Each distributor is marked from left to right with the following information:

  1. The name of the sampling project and the date/time of creation of this project.
  2. The indication that the corresponding survey is sent to participants via a panel provider.
  3. The number of participants who have filled out and completed the survey.
  4. The status of the distributor:
    • In field (the distributor is active and created);
    • Draft (the distributor has been created, but is not yet active because one or more phases of the sampling project have not yet been completed).

When you click on a distributor (it will be highlighted in dark blue), the following data will be displayed in addition to the name of the sampling project, the status of the distributor and the quotafull behavior.

This log displays the target size of the sampling project and the quotas set for the different quota cells of all defined quota groups. For the above example, this concerns 1 quota group (Age & Gender) and 4 quota cells. The percentage of the reached quota is recorded for each of these quota cells.

By clicking on the Show quota overview button, you will open the Quota overview window, which displays the quotas you have set for all defined quota groups and underlying quota cells. These data cannot be changed here.

A table lists the response rate of the survey participants from the sampling project. Below this, a graph shows the response rate per day.

This shows the link you have to provide to the panel provider, when the sampling project has been created. Below are the links you have received from the panel provider. These are the URL links to which the participant is redirected, when filling in the survey, provided the required conditions have been met.

If you click the Edit quotas button, you can adjust the quotas set for the quota cells in the sequel window as long as the sum of all quota cells within a quota group remains equal to the defined target size of the sampling project. To implement any adjustments, you must click the Save changes button at the bottom of this window.

If you click on the drop-down list button next to it, a drop-down menu will appear from which you can select one of the following options:

  • Close: You can close a distributor, when the quota plan is full or when the specified survey end date has been reached.
  • Delete: You can delete a distributor, if the data of the sampling project have been completely processed and the distributor is no longer active.
  • Reset quotas: You can use this to reset the numbers in the various quota cells to 0 in order to restart the counting procedure.

Updated on December 5, 2023
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