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External Panel Provider: How to forward to Survalyzer?

As an external panel provider (a.k.a.: third party sample provider) you need to forward your respondents to a Survalyzer survey. For this reason your client sent you this page.

To set up the forwarding, you were provided with an URL that looks similar to this one:


That URL is an example.

The member id from your panel is usually saved in the “urlvar01” of a Survalyzer survey. In the example URL above, the part you’d need to replace with the individual member ID would be “%member_id%”.

If additional variables are needed for the forwarding, then you can add additional variables by using up to 20 so called “URL variables”.

The variables are just numbered, so as we used “urlvar01” for the first URL variable, the second would be “urlvar02”, third “urlvar03”, up to the twentieth “urlvar20”.

Here is an example with a zip-code as a second variable:


Please inform your client (the Survalyzer User) which information you forward to the Survalyzer survey, and which URL variables you used for each information.

To keep it simple, please always use “urlvar01” for the member ID that will be needed to forward the member back to you.

Updated on July 8, 2024
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