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External Panel Provider: How to set up my survey?

In the following guide, with the help of an example, we’ll explain how participants – coming from an external Panel provider – will be linked to the survey. We’ll also explain how the participant-ID will be saved and how the participant will be forwarded back to the Panel provider (including the participant-ID and the status of the participant).

In multilingual surveys the language of the participant is an additional consideration. There are two examples to explain this – with a single language survey and also with a multilingual survey.

Step 1: Linking respondent from external panel provider to the survey

If you want to forward a respondent from an external Panel to a survey, the Panel provider usually handles the invitation process. For this, the Panel provider needs a URL from which participants can access the survey.

The Panel provider adds an element to the URL, like a participant-ID (which identifies the participant), so that the Panel provider can see which participants completed the survey. This ID has to be saved with the interview of this respondent, to ensure that the same ID can be sent back to the Panel provider. Due to this, the invitation link has an additional parameter. This is done with a URL-variable.

Create an invitation link

On the “Distribute” page, there is the ‘anonymous link’. We can add additional parameters to this URL. Our example uses the URL variable 1 (“urlVar01”). The external Panel provider can add the participant-ID after a “=”. The URL that the external Panel provider gets will look like this:


If you have a multilingual survey, you can redirect the participant to their own language. To do this you take the different survey links from the “Distribution” page and proceed as described for single language URLs. To forward the participant to the correct language of the Panel provider you have to add the language code that the Panel provider uses, to the URL. For this use ‘urlVar02’, and the Panel provider will set the language code after the “=”. The URL for the external Panel provider will look like this:





In addition to the URL, it is essential to tell the Panel provider that they have to set the participant ID to ‘urlVar01’ and, if it is a multilingual survey, the language code to ‘urlVar02’.

Step 2: Forward respondent back to external panel provider

The external Panel provider usually provides four different redirect URLs, each of them for a different status (Complete, Screen-out, Quota-Full and Quality Fail (a.k.a. “speedster”)). The first three statuses are normally used in every survey and can easily be set in Survalyzer. Like the invitation-URL, the redirect URLs also contain additional parameters. Some of these are the status, the participant-ID and the language. A redirect link can look like this:


As you can see, the different links are not that different. Each status will change the value in “status=”, but the remainder will be mostly the same. The “participantid=” should be self-explanatory.

The participant-ID, which is unique to each respondent, must be set dynamically. This can be done with placeholders, which will be replaced by the individual value of the respondent. The placeholders for the standard URL variables are {{url.var01}}, {{url.var02}}… and so on. Because we used the URL-variable ‘urlVar01’ for the participant ID in our invitation URL, we’ll also use it in our redirect URL, which will look like this:


For a multilingual survey, an additional language code must be replaced dynamically. In our example for the invitation-link, we used the URL variable “urlVar02“. Therefore, the redirect-URLs have to be changed for the “language=” url parameter like this:


Adding Redirect-URLs (Quota management settings)

The redirect URLs can be set on the quota management page, where the quotas were set. Pay attention to using the correct status value. In the following, the status “quota full” has the value 1, “screen-out” has the value 2 and “complete” has the value 3.

setup quota
Single Language
setup quota 2
Multiple Languages

Redirect for Screen outs (directly in the survey)

In some cases, the screenout cannot be done within the “quota management” page. Here you have to redirect with a URL forwarding within the survey itself (also see: Cross-quotas and independent quotas?). In this case, the redirect URL has to be set within the forwarding:

link external panel provider screenout
Single Language

If the survey is multilingual, the redirect also has to be set for all languages. This means that it needs to be translated:

translate link to external panel provider
Survey Translation Page

If no quotas are set, the participant must be redirected with the URL forwarding element, at the end of the survey. A redirect URL with the status “quota full” is not possible.

Updated on August 26, 2019

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