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Centering the logo in the header (professional user)

To centre a logo in the header of your survey, proceed as follows:

Note: You can only change the position of the logo, if the corresponding survey has not been activated (published).

  • Remove the checkmark at Logo under Main header so that the Main heading element stretches across the entire width of the layout page.
  • Click into the text box for inserting a header to display a link labeled Rich Text Editor at the top right of this box.
  • Click this link to launch the RTE window.
  • Specify the position in the RTE window where the logo should be embedded. The text Insert your header text here can be deleted.
  • Click the Upload Manager icon.
  • Select the Images directory used to store this logo.
  • Click the logo so that it is marked with a tick.
  • Click the Select button to return to the RTE window. The selected logo has been inserted at the indicated position.

  • Click the Align Centre icon to centre the logo on the layout page.
  • Click the Code View icon to view the recorded link.
  • Click the Save changes button to save the data of the inserted logo. The logo is now displayed centred in the header of the layout page.

Note: A logo must be embedded using a link.

Updated on July 4, 2022
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