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Help Desk Guidelines


Below you can find an overview of the ticket categorization based on its degree of severity and the connected first response and resolution time of the help desk. Please note that the resolution time for Medium and Low findings is based on the assumption that there is no bug (core software issue) involved.

The below time estimations are applicable to support tickets and initial phone calls within business hours. Be aware that phone calls are seen as a source of information and the client cannot expect their issue to be solved within the first phone call, as deeper investigation is necessary.

The submission of support tickets is advised as the Support desk will receive more detailed information via the ticket system which leads to more efficient problem solving. Furthermore, all information is collected within one conversation, which facilitates the support from our agents. The severity of a case is assesed by Survalyzer, not by the client and it is the clients’ responsibility to plan sufficient time for programming, testing and launching a survey.

Degree of SeverityImpactTime to first response (TFR)Maximum resolution time
HighData collection of ongoing survey is for a majority of respdondents disrupted2h12h
MediumBehavior of a survey o.e. is not as expected in the final testing phase3h48h
LowBehavior of a survey o.e. is not as expected prior to data collection4hno expected resolution time

Note: Time to resolution is calculated from the moment all neccessary information has been provided to Survalyzer. A feasible work-around is considered a solution too.

Support Requests with High degree of Severity

Any support request which involves a problem that prevents ongoing data collection from continuing, such as:

  • Survey access problems for an ongoing survey for a majority of the respondents
  • Data collection problems for an ongoing survey for multiple interviews

Support Requests with Medium degree of Severity

The survey and distribution process has changed between the testing phases. In the final stage before the launch, the configuration does not work as expected. This can be:

  • Change in the survey or data structure compared to previous test data
  • Survey Access not working as experienced prior

Support Requests with Low degree of Severity

Any support request involving a non active survey, such as:

  • Survey Configuration
  • Report Configuration
  • General questions about the software

Note: it is the clients responsibility to plan sufficient time for testing prior to launching a survey to define the expected behavior of all elements involved.

What is not included in free first line support

Survey, Message and Report (export) Layout requestsLayout changes:
Survey Layout
Message Layout
– Report export Layout (Powerpoint & Word/PDF)
Data RestorationSurvey or Member data that is deleted by the client
API consultingAnything related to our developer documentation
Product TrainingsProduct trainings are given during the onboarding phase
Survey and Report ProgrammingSurvalyzer does not program surveys or reports on behalf of a customer as part of first line support
Survey ConsultingExample: Client programs a randomisation and fails (e.g. show randomly 3 out of 5 questions)

Explaining in general how randomisation works, based on a sample questionnaire that is copied to the client workspace is support, but programming or adjusting the sample questionnaire or client survey is paid support.
Value AssignmentsComplex Functions as described here: Value assignment – Survalyzer Help Center
Regular expressionEverything related to Regular Expression
Breaking the fair use policy of free 1st level supportThe frequency of free support requests depends on the license type.

Note: Survalyzer offers the services listed above as part of a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Contact our sales team to get a extended support contract.

Efficient Support request submission

Please keep in mind that for the efficient handling of any support request a detailed and clear description of the exact problem is crucial. Providing accurate information will drastically improve the speed and precision of our support.

Please use the built in “Create support request” form in Survalyzer

Creating support tickets is possible from within the application on every page in the header with the link “Create Support Request”: See the following screenshot:

Creating support tickets from the application

By clicking on the button a window appears, where you can add all required information which you would normally write into an email.

ticket creation screen

So what makes the difference in comparison with a regular email. After pressing the create button the following information is transmitted to Survalyzer:

TenantThe unique identifier to find the customer in our system
E-MailThe email of the logged in user, which makes clear which user this ticket relates to
NameThe Survalyzer user name
User RoleThe role of the user which could be User, Workspace Admin or Account Admin
LicenseThe assigned License which could be Essential, Professional or Professional Analytics
URLThe URL where you created the ticket, this is very important since it tells us the workspace and the survey or sample you are referring to. Always create the ticket on the page you have the question or the issue
Ticket TypeTells us if you have a question or if you think you discovered a bug
DescriptionThis is basically where your information you’ve entered appears
AttachmentsAll attached files are available for us to check. Screenshots are always helpful to understand what you are referring to and how we can help.

As you can see, tickets being created out of the application contains a lot more meta information about you and your license which helps us to identify you and find the best solution for your license type. Also the URL provides us the context what you are currently working on. It frees you from the obligation to provide all the information and helps to get a faster response.

Additional tips

Context is key in finding the best solution. Therefore take the following into consideration:

  • You can easily copy-paste screenshots into the description box
  • Share with us what were the most recent actions that you took before the problem occurred
  • Provide details about any specific configurations that you applied
  • Share with us what the goal of your request is: what do you expect and what is currently happening?

Phone Support

Phone support entails the option to request contact via phone or leave a call back request.

The official support times are from 09:00 to 17:30 Central European (Summer) Time:

International:    +31 (0)30 340 00 70

Germany:           +49 (0)180 5 787 839

Switzerland:      +41 (0)840 787 839

In case no agent is available at the time of calling, always leave a voicemail message, including your company name, phone number, workspace, survey and question. The agent will call back as soon as available. We also recommend to create a support ticket to provide more context and allow easy follow-ups.

Updated on May 27, 2024
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