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Quotas: How and why should I set them up?


Quota management is a tool which enables you to specify the number of participants with pre-defined attributes or answers. For example, sometimes you may want specific numbers in terms of gender, origin, age or other requirements.

You can use quota management for this purpose.

How do I setup a quota?

When clicking on “Add Quota” a selection menu appears. This looks like the one that appears for filters or validations.

For a new quota, you need to firstly define the maximum number of participants who have to fit the conditions of this quota. Here we always have to define absolute numbers (to calculate relative to absolute numbers please use this Excel file).

The quota conditions and numbers can be changed at any time, even when the survey has been activated.

There are four different conditions available:

What settings do I have to set?

You can define how the system accepts participants:

  • “If any quota matching the participant is full, flag the interview as “quota full” and…”
  • “If all quotas matching the participant are full, flag the interview as “quota full” and…”

So when you have defined several quotas, the participant fits more than one quota and one of these is full, you can select whether the respondent can or cannot participate.

To see how to use quota management with an external Panel provider please see “How to set up my survey to use it with an external Panel provider?

Quotas FAQ

Can I test the quotas?

Yes, it’s possible to test quotas, providing the survey is not activated.

What happens when I activate the survey?

All quotas will be reset, so they will start from zero.

Where can I see the quota status?

When quotas are set, you can see the status in survey settings.

Is it possible to define cross-quotas (interlocked) and independent (non-interlocked) quotas?

Please take a look at “Cross-quotas and independent quotas?“.

Updated on August 26, 2019

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