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How can I add images to my survey?

To upload and add images to your survey, simpy open the rich text editor (RTE).

Here you’ll find the following icon within the RTE menu:

rte image icon

By clicking on that icon, this dialogue will open up:

upload to add images to survey

As you can see, this dialogue has several tabs in it. One of them is called “Upload”. Open this to upload an image:

upload file

After choosing the file you want to upload, click on “Send it to the Server” to upload it. When the upload is complete, the following message is displayed:

file available in library

Now the image is in the library. In order to use the image in your survey, you need to choose it. To do this, you must open the “Image Info” tab. Then click on “Browse Server” to see all library images.

click browse server to add images to survey

In this library, you will find all images that have been uploaded from the workspace, including those from the current survey.

choose image from library to add image to survey

Here you can also delete those images you don’t want to use anymore.

To choose an image to be used in a text, simply click on it.

By doing this, the image is selected and will be included in your text.

Updated on September 26, 2019

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