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What should my Excel upload file look like?

To get to know the Excel upload file structure, you’ll find a quick overview when you click on the Import From a File button.

Instructions & Example Excel File

The easiest way to create an initial import file is to download the Example Excel upload file. This contains all necessary column headers.

Excel Example File

These are the system fields:

  • Column A: Email (contains the email address for the panel / sample member)
  • Column B: First Name
  • Column C: Last Name
  • Column D: Language (contains Language code; see available languages)
  • Column E: Token (for more information see Token authentication?)
  • Column F: Cell Phone Number (Contain Cell Phone Number of the panel / sample member)
  • Column G: Survey Credit (Panel Licence only)

Every other column in the example Excel file (Field A & Field B) is simply an example for new variables and can be deleted.

So, if you need additional variables for your sample / panel, you just add a column to the file. The first line of the Excel file contains the variable name for this column. The import process will identify the datatype.

Typical examples for additional variables are:

  • salutation
  • gender
  • street address
  • city
  • postcode / zip code

It could also contain variables which are important for filters within your survey.

What if I want to bulk edit my panel / sample using an Excel upload file?

You use the export function for your sample / panel.

Export Button in Panel

This Excel file contains all panel / sample members and each of their variables. The instructions (highlighted in the first picture of this page) contain helpful information for deletion purposes.

Excel file after export

After making all necessary adjustments, you can upload your file by using the “Import From a File” button.

Updated on August 26, 2019

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