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How to invite your respondents to place Google Review or Trustpilot Review?

Surveying your clients may be a good opportunity to ask for a public product or company review. You can use satisfaction questions to invite only happy clients to do that😊

Below you will find short tips on how to do that with the most popular public reviews services.

Google Reviews

Google reviews are linked to the Google Business Profile. To obtain a link that will directly lead to writing a review for your business, you must have a Google Account with management access of that Business Profile.

Once you open the Business Profile, look for “get more reviews” button. You should be able to locate a shareable link to copy there:

Here you can check how such link work (example for Survalyzer):


Copy that link to use in your survey.

More help from Google if you still can’t find that link.


Since Trustpilot is a review-dedicated sofware, it offers several ways to invite your clients to post a review. Available features may depend on your Trustpilot license.

Below we share 2 basic review invitation options, that can be integrated with Survalyzer survey. For more advanced features, visit Trustpilot documentation.

No Trustpilot account required, free

Trustpilot offers a simple way to link to anything available on Trustpilot for a direct review. How to find the link:

  1. Go to Trustpilot, search and go to your business page
  2. Click “write a review”
  3. Copy the URL of the review posting page

Here you can check how such link work (example for Survalyzer):


The upside is that it is quick and simple way to link to review page, without any need for Trustpilot account or access to it. The downside is that users need to confirm their identity through email code or social media accounts to post the review.

Automated email invitation option

Trustpilot account required, number of invitations per month depending on the plan

If you already have a Trustpilot account, you can also use their Automated Feedback Service. It allows to invite clients to review through automated email invitations.

Read more here:

  1. https://support.trustpilot.com/hc/en-us/articles/213703667-How-to-use-Automatic-Feedback-Service
  2. https://support.trustpilot.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021253259-How-to-use-Automatic-Feedback-Service-without-a-BCC-field

To set it up in Survalyzer, you need to:

  1. Follow Trustpilot instructions regarding “AFS without BCC field”
  2. Use it together with Survalyzer hidden “Send email” survey element, so that automated email is sent to Trustpilot in a selected moment of your survey.
  3. Use member placeholders to provide necessary information to Trustpilot.

Step 2: Invite your respondents to review

To direct your happy survey respondents directly to your company review page, you have 2 main options:

  1. Add “Forwarding” element at the end of your survey.
  2. Add filter to “Forwarding” element based on the satisfaction question in your survey (e.g. “show this element only if NPS question > 8”)
  3. Use your company review page link in the “Forwarding” element. You can either forward your respondents to the end of the survey, where they will see it as an optional link to use, or direct them to external URL automatically (e.g. with preceding text element filtered in the same way to explain what will happen in the next step).

For more information regarding “Forwarding” element, read more here.

B. Invite to review with email invitation

  1. Add “Send email” element at the end of your survey
  2. Add filter to “Send email” element (same as described in option A)
  3. Place the review link in the message content.

For more information regarding “send email” element, read more here.

Updated on May 17, 2024
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