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Incentive Management & Vouchers

Incenive list management

Incentive management can be done entirely within Survalyzer. To do this you will need to use our public API to connect a corresponding Panel member portal.

1. Create new Incentive

Do you want to add a new voucher? Something that your Panel members can receive as a reward? Simply create a new Incentive.

2. The Voucher Name

The incentive name is defined by you and is completely editable. Depending on how you set up your portal, that name is seen by Panel members.

3. Available Vouchers

This number indicates how many vouchers are still unused. This gives you the opportunity to see which incentive needs new voucher codes.

Individual Incentive Management

When you create a new voucher, or if you want to edit an existing voucher, you will see this page.

individual incentive edit mask
1. Incentive Credits

This field defines the value for one voucher code for this incentive. The basic value of a Survey Credit is defined by you. The Panel member then needs to achieve the defined amount of Survey Credits to redeem this incentive.

2. Incentive Description

This explains the incentive. As you can see, the RTE is available. The RTE enables you to format the text and also to upload pictures.

3. Confirmation Email Subject

The voucher code gets send to the Panel member by email. This field defines the email subject.

4. Confirmation Email Body

As the voucher code gets sent by email, the email body has to be defined. This is usually an enticing email containing at least the placeholder {{panelincentive.voucher_code}}. This placeholder gets replaced with the uploaded voucher code.

Note: If you have a donation program instead of a real voucher code, then you still have to provide voucher codes within Survalyzer. However, don’t use the placeholder within the email body.

5. Import & export of voucher codes

All incentives or voucher codes have to be uploaded within an Excel file. This file should contain the voucher codes.

Click on the import button to see the import dialog.

Voucher Upload window containing instruction texts
The import dialog includes the instructions for the Upload file along with an example.

You can also delete existing voucher codes.

Updated on June 28, 2022
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