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Invite respondents: How to

There are three different ways to invite respondents to your survey:

  • Email Invitation
  • Link List
  • SMS Invitation

The most common distributor is the email invitation. For this, you’ll need a list of email addresses to send an email to. In most cases you’ll create a Panel prior to this invitation method.

The second distributor is the Link List distributor, which creates an Excel file in which you’ll find a personal link for each person within a Panel.

SMS Invitation is an additional distributor which you can use if you have previously purchased SMS. To send out SMS invitations, you’ll need the cellphone numbers of your participants.

Step by Step: Email Invitation

To create an email invitation, click on the Email button.

invite respondents with one of these options

When you click on it, you’ll see the following screen:

message editor overview
Email invitations details to invite respondents

You have two options for recipients:

  • Enter email addresses manually...
    • This allows you to enter one or more recipients without using a Panel. To seperate multiple email addresses, please use the semi-colon ;
invite respondents by choosing all or only part of the sample
  • You choose a pre-loaded Panel.
    • After choosing a Panel you have three options:
      • Choose the Entire Panel
      • Filter the Panel before sending out the invitation
        • Filtering a Panel works just like a survey filter. For more information see How to use Filter
      • Choose one Panel member

When you filter a Panel, the system calculates the number of recipients:

filtered panel to invite only part of possible respondents

Here you can choose the message template you want to use. These can be saved, managed and reused.

These are the typical email fields. The subject can also contain placeholders.

Content can be edited with the rich text editor.

By clicking on this link, all available placeholders will be shown. More about message placeholders can be found below.

You have the option to send out the invitations immediately, or to schedule their dispatch at a later date/time. If you want to schedule for later, select this option and choose a date and time for dispatch.

invite respondents using the right setting in the right side bar options
  1. Message Name: This is only for internal purposes. It is the name that the message is saved as.
  2. From Address: This is the email address that respondents see as the message sender.
  3. From Name (optional): This optional field adds a name to the From Address like: Max Muster <admin@docusurvalyzer.ch>
  4. Languages: Here you can add and translate messages. Do not forget to translate your messages in all of the languages that you need. If the language set does not exist, the message gets sent in the default language.
  5. Save Message As...: If you want to create a new email template you should always save the message under a new name first, as each change will be saved immediately.

Before you can send out emails you should review the message details. After pressing the review button, the following screen appears:

send email to invite respondents

The review checks if all used placeholders are filled for all recipients. It also checks that the survey has been activated. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to check if all settings are correct.

Step by Step: Link List

The link list distributor creates personal links for all participants within a chosen Panel. This link list is downloadable as an Excel file. It is not possible to filter a Panel to create a link list for only a portion of the original panel.

link list distributor

After choosing “Link List” you’ll need to choose a Panel or a sample to create links for.

Link List generation

On the right hand side you’ll see how many members this Panel / sample has. When you click on “Generate Link List”, a link list will be created. This means that a personal link is created for every member of the Panel / sample. Depending on the size of the Panel / sample, this may take several minutes.

Once completed, you can download the link list as an Excel file.

response statistics

The created link list contains all Panel / sample information, together with the personal link, the status of the interview and the survey ID & name.

Excel Export of link list which can be used to invite respondents

Step by Step: SMS Invitation

An SMS invitation is very similar to an email invitation.

To create an SMS invitation, just click on “SMS”.

SMS distributor

This opens up a form very similar to that used for an email invitation.

email distributor overview

Here you can choose the Panel / sample for this invitation in the same way as sending an email invitation. For more information, please take a look at "Step by Step: Email Invitation" - 1. Recipients.

Here you´ll find all your saved SMS invitation messages. With the button "Save Message As..." you can save the current message with a new name.

If you want to create a new SMS invitation, you should always save the message under a new name first, as each change will be saved immediately.

In this text area you define the message text. As it is an SMS, you can not format the text in any way. Please be aware that all placeholders may contain a different number of characters, and that this will influence the amount of SMS used to send out the invitation.

Here you see the amount of SMS typically used for one invitation.

NOTE: If you are using special characters (for example, the French character é or è) the whole encoding of the message changes. This results in fewer characters possible, per SMS. A message which exceeds one SMS, will also use additional characters to combine to SMS. This also results in fewer characters per SMS.

You have the option to send out invitations immediately, or to schedule their dispatch at a later date/time. If you want to schedule for later, select this option and choose a date and time for dispatch.

When you click on review, you can see how many SMS messages the whole invitation process will send out, together with additional information.

invite respondents vis SMS

After accepting your selected settings, you can send out the invitation messages.

This is the internal message name. The respondent won´t see this name. It can be changed anytime and will be saved immediately.

Here we have two options. Either a phone number or a sender name.

Phone Number:

The recipient gets the message from that number.

Sender Name:

The recipient gets a name, rather than a number, as the sender. This is particulary useful, as the recipient then immediately knows where the message originates.

Here you can add and translate messages. Remember to translate your messages in all languages needed. If the language set for the respondent does not exist, the message will be sent in the default language.

Updated on August 27, 2019

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