Setting the language

If a survey is created in different languages, you can use the language selector to allow a respondent to fill out the survey in his/her preferred language.

Note: You can only set the language selector, if the corresponding survey has not been activated.

The following steps must be carried out for this procedure:

  • Check in the Survey Settings on the Build page, if the survey has been translated into multiple languages, e.g. English, French and German.
  • Open the Design page.
  • Tick the boxes next to the Sub heading and Language selector.
  • Use the Distribute page to send the invitation to your respondents. When a respondent clicks on the link to fill out the survey, he/she can change the language preference on each page of the survey. As soon as the respondent clicks the drop down button, a list of available languages is shown (unfolded) out of which he/she can select one. These are obviously the only languages into which the survey has been translated.
Updated on January 18, 2023
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