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Access to Survey Layout Designer

In Survalyzer NG there exists a survey layout designer as seen in the following screenshot:

Survey Layout Designer

The layout designer is a very powerful and “dangerous” tool

The layout designer, which also exists for email layouts, is a tool that makes it possible to edit a lot of settings and has a lot of tools combined in it. It’s basically the swiss army knife for survey and message layouts. But as it always is with knives – they can be kind of dangerous.

Why is the survey layout designer a very sharp knife?

Because it is also possible to cut yourself (imaginative of course), because it’s possible to change settings which end in a broken layout. This might even happen without you realizing it, because it only happens on a specific screen size. It’s also possible to set absolute sizes here and there which end in a broken responsiveness. Maybe some layout elements start to overlap each other and the questions are not readable anymore and so on… There are a lot of small things that can end badly. It’s also very close to CSS and HTML, which is also possible to set manually. HTML and CSS is not something to play around with, because the possibilities are endless, and experience is needed to use them wisely.

Is it possible to gain access to the layout designer tool?

Yes that is possible, but there are some constraints to it.

  1. You need to have the corporate package licensed (for information about the corporate package, please ask our sales team)
  2. You’ll need a special workshop before we can grant access. That workshop is included in the corporate package. (if you already have the package, please inform our support team about your need for the workshop)

What do we need for the workshop?

In the best case you provide the following information as preparation for the workshop:

  • Styleguide or Website of your company
  • Company Logo
  • Company font

Consequences of gaining access to the layout designer

As a famous comic book author once wrote “with great power comes great responsibility“. What this means is, that you’ll take over the responsibility for the layout functionality. The layout designer is not part of our 1st level support.

Since the layout designer is a sharp swiss army knife – and therefore kind of dangerous – you take over the responsibility for the used layouts.

So, in consequence of gaining access, every change that our team has to do for you in the layout will be considered a change request. A change request will always be charged with a minimum of 2 hours.

There is the possibility to add a SLA (service level agreement) to your contract, which includes at least 16 hours for 3 years. For more information about the SLA possibility, please contact our sales team.

If you decide against the access and resulting responsibility, our 1st level support includes all changes that are possible without HTML and CSS changes, for up to 1 hour within 1 year. But that only applies if no access to the layout editors is given.

Updated on November 15, 2022
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