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Invite sample members by link list for survey

After you have clicked on the green Invite button of the tile with a sample (on the distribution overview), the Distribution Channel screen will be displayed.


In the first stage, you can select the channel to be used for distributing the survey.

The following distribution options are available:

  • E-mail distribution
  • SMS distribution (professional user)
  • Link list distribution

When you have selected the desired distribution channel (Link list distribution for this procedure), the corresponding tile will be highlighted in light blue and marked with a tick mark (in the top right-hand corner). You can then click the Next button at the bottom right to go to the Filter panel members screen.


In the second stage, you can use a filter to select members from the sample to be included in the link list. In this way, you can considerably reduce the number of sample members. After all, the survey may not be equally relevant to all sample members.

At the distribution stage, filters can be based on:

  • System fields, such as Email and Last Name, whose data are stored in the respective sample.
  • Custom member fields: These are the additional variables you create in a sample, e.g. Function.

Using the drop-down button (1) at the end of the variable field, you open a list from which you can select a variable type, e.g. Custom member fields (2). After clicking on it, an overview unfolds with all available underlying variables, e.g. Function (3).

If you select this variable, you can specify (part of) the job title, e.g. Test, so that the system selects the members with this job title from the sample. Based on this example, sample members with the function of Test engineer will be inserted in the link list. The bottom of the screen indicates the number of sample members who meet the specified filter condition.

To reduce the number of sample members even further, you can create another filter condition in a similar way.

Once you have set the desired filter, you can click the Next button at the bottom right to go to the Distribute screen.

Note: If you do not want to specify a filter, you can skip this screen and click the Next button directly.


In the last stage, you can check the preset data and, if necessary, adjust them on the previous screens (using the Back button). The number of members to be included in the link list is indicated under Number of recipients at the bottom of the screen.

After you have checked the data on the screen, you can click the Finish button at the bottom right of the screen to create a distributor on the distribution overview. It contains the registered data of the link list distribution.

Note: While generating a link list, a personal link is created for each sample member. Depending on the size of the sample, this may take some time.

Updated on July 6, 2022
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