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Mail relay: How can I use my own mail server

To send email invitations from Survalyzer through a mail relay, a few prerequisites must be fulfilled:

  • Survalyzer sends mails with a custom envelope sender pointing to a Survalyzer domain
    • The envelope sender is used to implement the bounce handling
    • Survalyzer currently doesn’t support bounce handling through mail forwarding
    • The resulting spam problematic is mitigated with SPF and DKIM as usual
    • If Survalyzers envelop sender is not accepted by the customers mail infrastructure, the bounce handling needs be switched off entirely for the whole account
  • Survalyzers mail server must be white listed from IP-Restrictions

Which mail server is taken to send out the mails is controlled by a rule system based on the senders address. Survalyzer supports two different type of forwarding rules:

  1. Address rule (sender@domain.com)
  2. Wildcard rule (*@domain.com)

The setup of a mail relay takes approximately 2 weeks since external parties are involved.

If you’re interested in a mail relay solution don’t hesitate to contact us.

Updated on October 4, 2019

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