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View sample member details

In order to view the data of a sample, click the desired sample in the table (see image above).

As a result, the screen Edit member screen will be displayed allowing you to view the details of all members from the selected sample. From this screen, you can also edit the data of existing sample members or record the data of new sample members.

To edit the data of a sample member, click the Edit icon (circled in red) to display the recorded data of the System Fields. Underneath this, you will find the data of the Custom Member Variables, if any. These data can be edited manually for each sample member. To implement the changes, you must click the Save button.

Under Interviews (see above), the surveys are displayed, if any, to which the corresponding sample member has been invited. The survey name, the interview status and the submitted survey link are shown for each of these surveys.

In order to add a new member to the sample, click the Add new member button. Then specify the system and custom member variables for this new member, which were also provided for the other members.

Updated on July 7, 2022
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