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Overview of your messages

After you have launched the Messages menu from the Library, a screen appears listing the following data:

  • the message templates used in Survalyzer, and
  • the messages created by users of your organisation.

In the above overview, the following actions can be performed:

1. Search messages

This search field allows you to quickly find the message you are searching for in the overview. All variables (e.g. ID, Name) in the overview can be used. Only those messages will be shown whose (alpha) numeric character or combination of (alpha) numeric characters (e.g. SMS) you entered is contained in one of the variables.

2. Create new message

Clicking on this green button starts the procedure for creating a new message. Click here for a description of this procedure.

3. Changed

This column shows for each message in the overview the date on which it was last modified.

4. Edit

Opens the screen of the selected message. This screen allows you to make changes to the message already created. You can, for instance, change the text already entered in the message, assign a different name to the message or translate the message into another language. Once you have completed the desired changes, you can close the message. The changes are saved automatically.

Note: The message layout used to format the created message cannot be changed here.

5. Copy

Copies the selected message which will then be positioned at the top of the overview together with a unique ID. The designation (Copy) is added to the name of the copied message. You can now edit the text of this copied message and save the message xxxxx (Copy) under another name. The column Changed indicates for this new message the date on which this message was created by means of a copy action.

6. Copy to

Opens a window that allows you to copy the selected message to one or more other workspaces in your organisation, as a result of which this message can also be used by the users of these workspaces.

Note: A user can only copy messages to workspaces to which he/she has been granted access.

7. Delete

This opens a warning window allowing you to delete the selected message. After you have clicked on the green Yes button, the data of this message will be permanently removed from the overview.

Note: The Default Invitation message supplied by Survalyzer cannot be deleted.

Use of messages

Messages can be used to invite participants to fill out a survey. In step 3 of the invitation process (i.e. Message) you have to select the appropriate e-mail message to be sent to the selected participants.

Note: All created messages can be edited, copied and deleted.

Updated on July 1, 2022
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