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Opt-Out-List in Survalyzer

Opt-Out-List page

What is the Opt-Out-List?

The Opt-Out-List is a list of email addresses and cell phone numbers that no longer want to be contacted.

Within an invitation, the placeholder {{panel.opt_out_link}} is available. That placeholder only works, if you use a Panel. However, the generated link puts the corresponding email address or cell phone number into the Opt-Out list.

Every email address or cell phone number listed in the Opt-Out list can no longer be invited. Even if the address is in a freshly created, new sample, that address cannot be invited. This is because prior to every distribution, all existing email addresses or cell phone numbers are checked against the Opt-Out list.

Can I delete addresses from the Opt-Out-List?

By clicking the trash icon, you can delete the address from the Opt-Out list.

Can I see why someone is on the Opt-Out-List?

Yes, you find this information in the column “Opt-out source”. This column shows either the survey from where the respondent was invited, or the user who added that address manually.

In addition, the date can be found in the column “Opted out”.

Can I add addresses to the Opt-Out list manually?

Yes, by clicking on “Add Opt-Out entry”. In addition, this will check the address list against all samples and Panels to see if the address exists in one of them.

Updated on August 26, 2019

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