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Opt-Out: How does it work in Survalyzer

Survalyzer distinguishes five different types of Opt-Out:

  • By unsubscribe link in the E-Mail
  • By unsubscribe list header in the E-Mail
  • By unsubscribe link in the survey
  • By Spam complaint
  • By Survalyzer user

Each E-Mail which is not company internal or from the government needs to have an unsubscribe link. By using the unsubscribe link the participant can navigate to a communication preference page and express whether to be further invited to surveys or not.

The default opt-out profile page looks like:

Default opt-out page

If the user chooses the “I don’t want to receive any notifications from you about surveys” option, then an Opt-Out is generated in the account.

E-Mail Opt-Outs in Account

Survalyzer as E-Mail Service Provider follows best practices and adds to each E-Mail an unsubscribe list header which works the same way as the Opt-Out Link. Not all E-Mail Client supports it but these which do looks like that:

This possibility to unsubscribe is Survalyzers fallback to still comply with the GDPR rules of the European Union even if customers don’t add the opt-out link. Some customers are surprised if they see this kind of opt-outs even if they don’t want to give the possibility to opt-out for whatever reasons.

This functionality is not configurable and we don’t offer the possibility to disable it since we stick to the best practices of Certified Senders Alliance for E-Mail Providers.

In Survalyzers Opt-Out list these kind of entries look like this:

Unsubscribe List Opt-Outs in Account

Within a survey an Opt-Out link could be placed in any place. It opens the profile page as shown in the first section of the article.

Add survey Opt-Out Link

In Survalyzers Opt-Out list these kind of entries look like this:

Survey Opt-Outs in Account

Survey Opt-Outs are only working for personal links. Anonymous links are not connected to a sample or panel. Therefore, the link won’t work in this scope. This is especially important to keep in mind for testing the survey with the anonymous link.

Spam complaint

Spam complaints are a really serious problem. Survalyzer receives spam complaints from E-Mail providers when users click on “Mark this E-Mail as Spam”. This leads each time to a loss of reputation of Survalyzers mail servers. Therefore, E-Mail addresses of spam complainers are not only added to the Opt-Out list, they are additionally added to Survalyzers global blacklist, that they could never be delivered again, even if they are removed from the Opt-Out list.

Spam complaint view

If customers ever need to remove spam complainer from the blacklist please follow the procedure described in step 5 of the following page: Email Delivery Problems

Manual management by Survalyzer users

Survalyzer users are also able to manage opt-outs through the user interface.

Manual management of opt-outs

Opt-Outs are generally channel specific and can be handled for E-Mails or SMS separately. Additionally more information about the entry is available by downloading the entries as Excel-sheet. Beside the already shown information the following attributes are available:

  • Survey
  • Survey Url
  • Distributor
  • Distributor Url
Updated on May 2, 2024
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