Getting Started with Professional Analytics

Professional Analytics: Overview

The brand new Professional Analytics product is aimed at visualising and aggregating the survey data. It is used to create flexible survey dashboards with customizable result visualizations which can be displayed to your target audience.

Preview contents of sample dashboard

The report type of a Professional Analytics report is: Pro report, see the Analyze page.

In order to view the contents of a sample dashboard, you have to click the Online Report icon of the respective Pro report on the Analyze page. You will then access the online report page of the sample dashboard. This page displays the following elements:

  1. a header;
  2. a filter section which allows you to filter data;
  3. a navigation menu incl. different pages;
  4. the page-related content which is positioned directly below the filter section.

You can easily access such a dashboard; you do not need any specific development or programming skills to do so.

Edit contents

In order to edit the contents of a sample dashboard, you have to click the Edit icon of the respective Pro report on the Analyze page. This icon provides you access to as much as 5 areas, amongst others,

  • Report pages: This area includes a top section with the dynamic report filters (1) which allows you to add or customize filters, the navigation menu (2) which allows you to add, remove or customize pages and report rows (3) enabling you to drag tiles into the various rows of all pages in the navigation menu.
  • Tables: This area allows you to aggregate the raw data into meaningful result tables.
  • Charts: This area displays a collection of all charts, each of which using the previously created report table, i.e. connected table.
  • Design: This area allows you to select a report layout under the green Change Layout Settings button. You can also indicate whether you want to have a one-page layout or a multipage layout, i.e. the inclusion of the navigation menu in the layout (via the Use sidebar setting).
  • Share report: This area allows you to share the report link (1) with your target group, download the report in various export formats (2), add a dashboard viewer panel (3) with users, all of whom may have different roles. The access to different areas in the dashboard is determined on the basis of these roles. This is very useful in case you have a large group of stakeholders and you don’t want to copy a dashboard for each stakeholder group.
Updated on January 30, 2023

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