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Panel and Sample List: Overview

The Panel and the sample list share the same layout and are explained here.

Samples are basically address lists of people you want to invite to one or more surveys. A sample can contain all necessary data about your respondents that you need to route through your survey.

A Panel is basically the same as a sample, but is usually used more than once and can be edited with a profile survey. This syncs the data between a survey and a Panel member. This functionality is only available if the Panel feature is licenced.

panel and sample list overview
1. Search Panels / Samples

Here you can search for Panel / sample names. When you have a long list of Panels / samples, it’s easy to find them in this list.

2. Show Opt-Out-List

The opt-out list is a list of email addresses and phone numbers that can’t be invited anymore through your workspace. The Panel and sample list share the same opt-out-list. More information can be found in the topic “Opt-Out List”.

3. Create new Samples (on Sample page)

create new sample

By clicking here you can create a new sample. There are up to two options there. A local sample and a Cloud Sample (dynata sample). A local sample is usually managed by uploading and downloading Excel files. A Cloud Sample is a way to invite respondents with the help of an external Panel provider.

On the Panel page, this button has no options and is called “Create new Panel”.

4. List functionality

Export Sample (local sample only)

panel and sample list export icon

The first icon enables you to directly export your local sample as an Excel file.

Edit Sample

panel and sample list edit icon

The edit sample icon opens the sample member list.

Delete Sample

panel and sample list delete icon

This deletes the sample.

Note: When a sample is deleted, all corresponding data (including responses), is also deleted from all sample members.

Updated on August 26, 2019

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