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Panel Management: What is a Panel?

Panel Management

Panel Management is a special feature in Survalyzer. A Panel is very similar to a sample. Samples and Panels are basically address lists. However, a Panel:

  • will typically be reused
  • has members who can self-manage their profiles
  • can be used to create a sample.

Some examples of Panels are current customers of your company, or a specific target group of potential customers. Some Panels contain people of several different target groups.

With a Panel, it’s also possible to sync certain survey questions to a variable in a Panel. This is known as Panel sync.

You can create samples based on available Panel member information. For this, smart sampling is a clever feature. It enables you to create a dynamic sample. In other words, smart sampling will invite Panel members based on their attributes.

For effective Panel Management you usually need two specific surveys:

  • Registration survey
  • Profile management survey

The registration survey enables you to collect new Panel members. The profile survey enables your Panel members to update their information. You should create these two surveys to enable the growth and self-management of your Panel.

Take a look at “PanelSync: How to set it up?” for more information.

Updated on August 26, 2019

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