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Panel Sample Settings page

A Panel, or sample, has several settings. Here you’ll find an explanation of each option.

1. Add Content

Here you can manually add new variable groups and variables. For information about the DataTypes see Datatypes in Survalyzer. If you have a long list of additional variables, using variable groups is recommended, as they make it possible to categorise additional information.

2. Panel / Sample Name

This input field changes the name of the Sample / Panel. This name can be seen in the Panel / Sample list.

3. Panel / Sample Type

If it’s a sample you can change its type to panel. A Panel can’t be changed back to a sample; this is a restriction within the sample / panel settings.

4. System Variablen

This list contains all system variables with corresponding data types and variable groups. Unlike non-system variables, these variables can’t be edited or deleted.

5. Variable Groups

To create a categorised list of variables, you can create variable groups. For example, a group for personal data like address, city or date of birth. Another group could contain filter variables, for example, if the respondent has a specific product. In this way you can categorise your variables.

You can move variables between your variable groups by simply dragging and dropping them, or by using the arrows on the right hand side of the list.

Updated on June 24, 2022
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