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PowerPoint Template for Pro-Reports

This article includes a step-by-step guide how to create a PowerPoint Layout which has your corporate design and includes all information within a Pro-Report. This layout is a more extensive version from the previous PowerPoint layout. It does support Basic and Pro reports, however we recommend to create one PowerPoint layout according to these instructions for the Basic report and one PowerPoint layout with the instructions in this article for the Pro Reports. Reason thereof is the improved readability and display of information for both report types. At the end of this article, you will find the information of how to set-up the different layouts for the two different reports.

Default PowerPoint Layout Survalyzer Branding

With corporate themed PowerPoint Template

Open your corporate themed PowerPoint Template and open the Slide Master View.

You will notice that the Slide Master View contains several layouts with different names. To be able to export from the Survalyzer Software, you need to create two new pages within the Slide Master View: one title page and one content page.

Copy and paste a title page and a content page of the existing slides to the beginning of the Slide Master View. Do not copy from the Head Master slide (white page above), but only from sub-master slides (themed pages above).

Title Page

Rename the title page to ng-title.

The Title page has the following placeholders:

  1. {Survey Name}
  2. {ReportName}

To keep your corporate theming in the PowerPoint Layout, copy the placeholder from the above attached Layout and insert it with the option use destination theme (H).

Content Page

Rename the content page to ng-designMaster.

The Content page has the following placeholders:

  1. {PageGroupTitle}
  2. {ReportPageTitle}
  3. {ReportPageSubTitle}
  4. {SlotTitle1}
  5. {SlotSubTitle1}
  6. {SlotContent1}
  7. {SlotFooter1}

To keep your corporate theming in the PowerPoint Layout, copy the placeholder from the above attached Layout and insert it with the option use destination theme (H).

If your corporate templates contains fewer content fields as the amount of placeholders, adjust it accordingly, so that all placeholders fit onto the page.

Note: All slot related placeholders must be present in the PowerPoint template. If any of the slot placeholders is missing an error message will occur.



Based on the content slide, default types of slides will be automatically generated (see slide master view of the PowerPoint downloaded report with the new template). You can further control the PowerPoint design by manually correcting automatically generated layouts and uploading the template containing all variations.

Tips & Tricks

Make sure the slot content placeholders are labeled as content. If they are labeled as text you will receive an error message when downloading the Report.

Make sure the names of the two Master pages are updated and spelled correctly. If not, an error message will occur when downloading the report.

If your corporate PowerPoint Template does not allow Master layout name changes, you need to create the layout from scratch.

Without corporate themed PowerPoint Template

Download the PPT Template attached at the top of this article. Safe it on your device and start editing it.

In order to edit the PowerPointTemplate, the Slider Master View must be enabled.

In the Slide Master View you can add your company’s color palette, the fonts and, if required, adjust the theme of the template.

Adjust each placeholder in the template to your corporate standards including font type, color and size. Add your companies logo where desired.

Set template as Default for Pro-Reports in all workspaces

For all workspaces

Once you are finished with the template, save it as PowerPointReportTemplate-PA-template.pptx. With this name, the software recognizes the template as default template for Pro-Reports.

Upload the template in the library in the Shared file under Documents. This way, the document can be used in all workspaces.

For one workspace

If you would like to use the template only for one or some workspaces, you can name it accordingly. Upload the file in the library of the specific workspaces.

In case the document has a different name then the default name, you have to assign the template as default within the specific workspace(s). You can do so, by opening the workspace and opening the Layout Tab.

Choose the correct Layout. This will be used for the Download of Pro-Reports.

Control which PowerPoint layouts are used per report layout row

If you don’t like automatic layout selection for your powerpoint export, you can manually select which PowerPoint template should be used per each Pro-Report layout row. You will find this feature in Pro Report Builder > Report Pages > Layout Row settings > Select custom PowerPoint masters

You can also add “custom” layouts, if none of the automatically generated ones satisfy your needs. Then you can reference this template by using the feature mentioned above.

Set different Default PowerPoint layouts for Basic Reports and Pro-Reports

You can set up different PowerPoint layout templates for Basic and Pro-Reports. Pro-Reports include more information, such as described above. To set-up the different layouts with different names in the Shared file of your library or, if wanted, in the Document file of a specific workspace. Open the layout tab of the workspace, where you want to define different layouts per report and select the appropriate layout from a dropdown menu for the Basic report, and one for the Professional Analytics Report:

The Professional Analytics drop down menu is only shown, if at least one Professional Analytics user exists within the account.

If now PowerPoint Template is selected, but a PowerPoint template with the name PowerPointReport-PA-Template.pptx exists in the library, this template will be used anyways for the PowerPoint Pro-Report export.

Updated on January 23, 2024
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