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Question library

This feature allows you to reuse any questions from a fully equipped question library. This library may help you to be much more efficient, because you can reuse the previously prepared questions.

A question library can be used by the following users:

  • A producer, i.e. the account admin who adds questions to the library, and
  • A consumer, i.e. any other Survalyzer user who uses questions from this library.

A third section Question library has been added in addition to the Basics and Advanced question types under the Add content area.

Various library elements are listed below each of the listed catalogs, e.g. Demographics. These elements, such as Age Categorical 8 Choices, can be dragged to the appropriate position in the questionnaire resulting in a preconfigured age question consisting in this case of eight answer choices.

Note: A library element includes a survey question; its default description can be edited by the account admin (e.g. Library element 8 > Marital status).

In order to drag a library element to the questionnaire, you have to select the appropriate element, hold down the left mouse button and simulateneously drag this element to the correct position in the questionnaire (on the left).

If the library element has reached the correct position in the questionnaire, you can release the left mouse button. The element will then be inserted at the position you have specified in the questionnaire.

Account admins

These users are exclusively allowed to create catalogs in the Question library. For this purpose, they have access to the Questions option under the Library menu.

When clicking the green CREATE NEW CATALOG button on the Question catalogs screen, the account admin must specify a name and select a default language in the New catalog window. A question catalog can be set up in a multitude of languages. After he/she has clicked the Create button at the bottom right of the pop-up window, an empty catalog will be created. The library more or less closely resembles that of an empty survey from the Build page.

Under the Add content area he/she can drag a question from the Basics or Advanced question type, e.g. Single response, to the library (under Library element 1). He/She can now specify the question text and accompanying answer options for the corresponding new question.

After the account admin has defined the first question in the question library, he/she can add, for instance, a matrix question in a similar way. This second question is automatically included under a second library element with the default Library element 2 description. The latter description (1) can be altered according to his/her personal wishes. The account admin can now enter the question text for the matrix question, the row information (2) and column information. The default Force response and Randomize rows settings (3) can be preconfigured as well.

In this way, the account admin can create one or more question calalogs, each of which consists of an x number of library elements. Each library element, which somewhat resembles a survey section, includes a question, e.g. a single response question. After the account admin has completed all requested question catalogs, the other users can incorporate its elements into their surveys.

Updated on August 3, 2022
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