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Release 01 December 2022 – Week 48


  • SNG-4844 Extend Methods to transform Array To Table


  • SNG-3289 [Backend] Raw Data Import: Min-Max value/Email/Valuse in autocomplete in Semi-open question also should be validated during import
  • SNG-3879 Runtime: Filter: Hidden section is shown (one element) when clicking the Back button
  • SNG-4840 Report: Table: Columns selector: When HTML styling is used for column headers, HTML syntax is shown in the user view columns selector
  • SNG-4858 Report Builder: Table Segmentation: prefilled condition should be Interview State = Completed
  • SNG-4861 [Backend] Alt Attribute for Tracking Pixel is missing
  • SNG-4870 [Backend] Numbers aren’t totalised in All columns (Page1 + Page 3) of Excel report
  • SNG-4873 Public API: UploadAndInvitePanelMembers works not correctly
  • SNG-4876 [Frontend] Slow performance of survey incl lots of filters
Updated on October 17, 2023
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