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Release 03 December 2021 – Week 48


SNG-3691 Remind Member: SMS Channel type should not be available if phone number opt-outed

SNG-3689 [frontend] Build page: Build page should not be disabled after open RTE window and close it

SNG-3687 Backend: PDF Export should not print empty headers

SNG-3685 Runtime page: Slider question: The number with decimals should be displayed full inside popup element

SNG-3680 Fix front end api goNext() and goBack()

SNG-3676 [backend] SPSS report: Report should download without any errors

SNG-3673 Build/Runtime page: NPS question: The numbers in arrangement should be correctly displayed in the Circular mode

SNG-3670 Basic report/Segmented report: Chart for NPS question should be present in Excel report

SNG-3669 [backend] Basic reports: Issues in displaying charts of NPS questions in generated reports

SNG-3666 Admin: Survey layout: Image should be displayed within the textblock

SNG-3664 [Frontend] Basic report: Should work correctly with NPS question

SNG-3660 [Backend] Special Characters are not properly excaped in Excel Report

SNG-3659 Library: New created catalogs should be displayed in the search in Build page

SNG-3657 Build page/Catalog: NPS question: For NPS question should be always 11 choices If change question type from any question to NPS

SNG-3656 Runtime: NPS question: Force response setting should work if was enabled in Build page

SNG-3650 Report: Wrong Placeholder Resolvement

SNG-3646 Analyze page: Raw data export: Limit Time filter should not be applied when it is disabled

SNG-3644 Analyze page: Raw data export: UI issues with Limit time period setting

SNG-3641 Message Layout/Survey Layout: error thrown if remove text from text container and save changes

SNG-3639 Question Library: not able to delete language when there is not section in catalog

SNG-3638 Question Library: If select Section item side bar should be updated

SNG-3636 issue with pro report rawdata table and wrong personal link in table


SNG-3631 Question Library: Send Email, URL Forwarding and Search issues

SNG-3629 Library: Label for Questions page on the tab should be displayed correctly

SNG-3628 Build: Add Content: Question Library section shouldn’t be displayed if there is no catalog available in the Account

SNG-3625 Question Library: If copy section – Name still should have not more than 25 characters

SNG-3620 Library: Questions: Question catalogs UI issues

SNG-3594 Build page: It should be not be possible to change question type when survey is in published, closed, archived states

SNG-3586 [Backend] Panel import: Survey credit field should be possible to update

SNG-3574 Build page: Tooltips should be updated immediately after changing languages

SNG-3566 Runtime/Build: Semantic differential/NPS: The emoticons should be displayed properly

SNG-3524 [backend] Distribute: Shared Panel in Scheduled state should not create one more distributor if change to other channel type in Sampling project

SNG-3495 [Backend] Distribute page: Third Party Sample: Quota Statistics in the table should be reset after deleting responses

SNG-3468 Basic Report Wizard: Error occurs on selecting variable

SNG-3461 Build: Matrix: Exclude from Randomization Column setting should be disabled if disable Randomize Columns

SNG-3426 [frontend] Reports: Issues after Refactor ReportDefinition to support n-Columns

SNG-3410 Admin: Create Support Request: It should not be possible to open modal window several times at the same time

SNG-3409 Admin: Create Support Request: The emoticons should not be present in modal window

SNG-3393 [Backend] Analyze page: The sorting of dates should work correctly

SNG-3359 Build: Send Email: Message text field should be 10 rows heights

SNG-3309 Distribute: Third Party Sample: Changed Quotafull behavior is not saved

SNG-3308 Distribute: Third Party Sample: Survey Link displayed in side bar should correspond to selected TP Sample

SNG-3282 Admin: Edit Workspace: The title of window and button should be corresponded

SNG-3281 Build page: It should be possible to scroll down/up window after set tooltips

SNG-3280 Workspace settings: Survey Layout: No Layout is missed

SNG-3206 Pro report: Icon of moving to wizard should be removed

SNG-3189 [backend] Build page: Placeholder {{countInterviews}} should be removed from RTE

SNG-3183 Third party Sample Wizard: For each language should be separate link on Summary Step

SNG-3175 Build: Implicit Association: Not able to edit “Start now” text field

SNG-3168 Build: Wrong section expanded

SNG-3128 Runtime: Autocomplete: The values should be reset in field with autocomplete after cleaning field

SNG-3103 Online report: Set filters should be reset in embedded and external reports after closing

SNG-3069 Build page: The hint should not overlap the option of changing language

SNG-3059 Basic report issues

SNG-2889 Account Creation: Neutral Message is not properly configured

SNG-2855 Login: survalyzer logo picture should be from styleguide

SNG-2818 Sample: Confirmation message should be fully displayed if delete Sample when screen small

SNG-2779 Account Creation: German message doesnt show german text

SNG-2616 [Frontend] Password reset check box in Edit User Area doesn’t work correctly (error occurs in login when activated)

SNG-2536 basic report: excel: html entities should be decoded to special characters

SNG-2400 [backend]Basic Reports: html should be removed from Survey description field

SNG-1218 default text for opt out element in email messages

Change Request

SNG-3677 Value Assignment: Extend setSurveyFieldsReadOnly to multiple choice checkboxes

SNG-3675 Basic reports: Extend property TrafficLightColor for NPS chart according to the specification

SNG-3667 Analyze: Pro Report Line Chart: No data is displayed

SNG-3662 Analyze: Pro Report Line Chart: Time series segmentation does not work right

SNG-3624 Question Library: Add hint below “Library element / set name” field

SNG-3540 In Edge the Preview doesn’t work always

SNG-3203 Admin: Froala: add image size option in image settings menu

SNG-3117 Froala Editor: ‘No border’ option should be added to Table Style setting

SNG-3052 superadmin: add tenant name in the search results


SNG-3679 Extend Profile to upload and download report definitions

SNG-3504 Import / Export Panel Definition

SNG-3479 Extend the help button by specifiying the context specific help page

SNG-2971 Edit Message: enable resize of the Message text field

Updated on October 17, 2023
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