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Release 03 February 2023 – Week 05


  • SNG-4723 PA: Integrate Segmented Report Wizard into Pro Report
  • SNG-4752 [Backend] Implement Authentication cased on Open ID Connect
  • SNG-4950 [Frontend] New JSON Only Property: Min-Width in dx-table
  • SNG-5123 [Frontend] Pro Table: Allow number of elements per page


  • SNG-4859 [Backend] Report Builder: Segmentation: All labels for All Segments should be translated into all languages available
  • SNG-4961 [Backend] Reports: Charts: Gauge: Color is not correct
  • SNG-4972 [Frontend] PA: Charts – tooltip should always overlap content
  • SNG-5050 [Frontend] Pro Report: Member variable with mismatching data types in Dynamic filter creates an exception
  • SNG-5068 [Frontend] Messages: Blinking pictures in “Sender name” tooltip
  • SNG-5080 [Backend] Weekly Complaint Report: Workspace ID is missing
  • SNG-5087 Report Builder: Table: Exception thrown if change order of columns in the table
  • SNG-5095 Report Builder: Pivot Table: Multiple Response variables, Open question integer with metadata/Rank order set wrong conditions for added rows
  • SNG-5103 Loading time of survey layouts takes far too long
  • SNG-5110 Runtime: Autoscrolling Issue and question type NPS
  • SNG-5119 [Backend] Report: empty series are not hidden in pdf download (online it works)
  • SNG-5124 Pro Report: Translate: Page sub title and sub section are not displayed in UI
  • SNG-5125 Frontend: User Profile: do not allow leading and trailing space char in username and email field
  • SNG-5126 Report Builder: Tables: Gender member variable issues
  • SNG-5130 Red exclamation mark is displayed in translation file, despite that all text boxes in all languages are translated (green tick marks on the right side).
  • SNG-5131 Survey: Undo: Errors
  • SNG-5134 Profile: Add Flag to enable service call checkbox in Value Assignment – UI
  • SNG-5136 [Backend] Build: Undo: Undo/redo steps should be removed after Survey Activated
  • SNG-5137 [Frontend] Build: Undo: Undo/redo buttons should be hidden for Survey in Archived State
  • SNG-5139 [Backend] PA: Word, Excel, PDF slot footer is not in export
  • SNG-5140 [Frontend] PA: Table Export ignores column color setting and shows html in row
  • SNG-5146 [Frontend] PA: Hide grouping-signifier if grouped column is not sortable
  • SNG-5147 [Frontend] Update styleguide to disable ing theme for client
  • SNG-5148 Layout: Survey and Report Layout increase their size when page is refreshed and layout saved
  • SNG-5151 Pro Report: Simple Pivot Table: Styles are not applied for aggregator columns
Updated on February 10, 2023

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