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Release 03 March 2023 – Week 09


  • SNG-2654 Allow Logged in Member Based Filter (member. + claim based)
  • SNG-5028 Establish warning and blocking feature related to bounces
  • SNG-5270 [Backend] Add Webhook for Survey Close Transition
  • SNG-5271 Manage Code Plan: Translation UI Crashes with many options
  • SNG-5282 Report in Report Integration


  • SNG-4154 Report Builder: Create: When deleting page then it should be removed from the page
  • SNG-4872 [Frontend] Report Builder: Chart with Table Segmentation: Is it possible to combine Column Group Label + Column Label
  • SNG-5262 Pro Report: Excel Export: Advanced Cell Template doesn’t work correctly, value displayed instead of set value in template
  • SNG-5263 Report Builder: Rawdata Table: Shouldn’t be possible to create Chart if in table present only Date type variables
  • SNG-5265 Prof + Prof Analytics: Extend filter control in segmented Excel and Prof. Analytics
  • SNG-5272 Report Builder: Tables: Exception shouldn’t be thrown upon adding integer/real custom/member variable to Pivot/Simple Pivot Table
  • SNG-5279 Report Builder: Rawdata Table: Column Name shouldn’t include spaces
  • SNG-5287 PA: Report does not set correct language to html tag
  • SNG-5292 Report Builder: Filter: Exception shouldn’t be thrown when entering string value
Updated on October 18, 2023
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