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Release 02 April 2021 – Week 13

Change Requests

  • [SNG-2621] – [Backend]Panels: Import: Real numbers with 0.0000… in the beginning lead to a failure in importing
  • [SNG-2640] – backend: trial account: access to file system
  • [SNG-2678] – Runtime: Calendar weeks in date picker start at different weekdays for different languages
  • [SNG-2689] – froala: do not parse <survalyzer-report-chart and <survalyzer-report from source code
  • [SNG-2690] – Qlik Integration


  • [SNG-1050] – Filter: Build part: 1. show double quotes / 2. Use more space
  • [SNG-2559] – Runtime: Slider question: Point in Slider should not be displayed by default
  • [SNG-2569] – Segmentation: Wizard: add options for segmentation
  • [SNG-2585] – [Frontend] Language switch for Opt-Out Survey doesn’t work
  • [SNG-2600] – Admin: Filter: Matrix add/delete Column Group
  • [SNG-2628] – build: froala: prevent deletion of survalyzer tags in froala editor
  • [SNG-2642] – [Frontend] Rawdata are downloaded multiple times
  • [SNG-2643] – runtime: start-button timed-implicit association does not show any text
  • [SNG-2665] – Runtime: dot should not be displayed on the slider from the start
  • [SNG-2680] – Admin: Create new survey: Select User Language from language dropdown
  • [SNG-2693] – Runtime/Admin: Required Integer/Real data type fields work not correctly
  • [SNG-2695] – issues with IOS and runtime
  • [SNG-2697] – Subsription page: The current subscription should be display in the page
  • [SNG-2701] – Sampling project Wizard: Distribute: The error message should not display when tries to proceed the Sampling project in Link list
  • [SNG-2702] – Subscription page: The error message should not displayed when created the 1st stock
  • [SNG-2704] – Sampling Project Wizard: Email channel Distributor with Field Phase Now should have state Processed not Scheduled
  • [SNG-2705] – [frontend] Distribute: For Link List channel type Sampling Project should not be set Scheduled state
  • [SNG-2707] – [Backend]Admin: Screening Section should not be displayed for Draft Survey without Third Party Sample
  • [SNG-2709] – Sampling Project: Scheduled Invitations are not send
  • [SNG-2716] – Runtime: Labels in Semantic Differential not translated if change language in language drop-down
  • [SNG-2723] – Runtime: Language selector doesn’t work properly
Updated on April 2, 2021

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