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Release 04 February 2022 – Week 05


  • SNG-3823 Update Backend + Functions to .NET 6


  • SNG-3872 [backend] Runtime: Can complete the same interview several times
  • SNG-3870 Runtime: Autocomplete: The value should be reset in field with autocomplete after hidden and shown question again
  • SNG-3869 [backend] Distributor: Email channel: The email should be received
  • SNG-3868 [backend] Admin: Survey Export: It should be possible to download Survey Word/PDF file
  • SNG-3860 Pro Report: chart element does not span to full width after login.
  • SNG-3858 Runtime: Drop-Down: should be able to select choices
  • SNG-3857 Rawdata import page: Tooltip should be added for Limit time period setting
  • SNG-3855 [Frontend]Pro Report: N/A replaced in calculation script (round function – Error thrown if generating report
  • SNG-3852 Pro Table: Column Sorting should be preserved
  • SNG-3834 Analyze: Pro report: Cannot use sample/panel variable for segmentation
  • SNG-3802 [frontend] Shared panel: Error message should not be displayed when inviting individual member to surveys for shared panel
  • SNG-3497 [Backend] Opt-out list Account/Workspace: Empty opt-out record should not be added to the opt-out list if user subscribed several times
  • SNG-2796 analyse: downloading raw excel data shows errors on several download attempts
Updated on October 17, 2023
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